There are many ways in which Corporate Massage Therapy can benefit businesses. However, we won’t pretend that it can fix every problem you may have.

For example, if you pay rubbish wages and treat your employees like slaves a chair massage isn’t going to resolve that. Take one step at a time and invest in the services of a good business consultant first.

But there’s no doubt that chair massage in the workplace enhances some facets of business. Here are a few of the problems our clients have resolved by investing in regular corporate massage therapy for their employees:

Recruitment of the perfect people

Unlike previous generations who didn’t consider their work-life balance too much many millennials consider it a top priority.  In this age of modern technology and communication millennials have more flexibility.  Never far from their phones, they’ll automatically check their business messages whether at home or at work. If possible they’ll want to from home on occasions and if in a relationship, both are often working.

Google is a prime example of a company that looks after its employees in terms of perks and comfort. Few companies are able to supply a range of different restaurants, games and relaxation rooms but many can afford chair massage.

Offering benefits of this type ensure you get the perfect people for the job not only because of their qualifications but also in the perception that you care about your employees.

Web development businesses who want the best engineers and busy call centres are just a couple of employers who can beat the competition in the recruitment stakes by offering chair massage as one of their perks.

Stress in the workplace

Whether your employees are suffering stress because of their workload or due to personal issues, massage therapy is highly beneficial.  Stress can kill and affects productivity, self-confidence and motivation.

15 to 20 minutes of massage gives employees a break away from what they are doing. Studies have shown that 85 percent of stress is relieved through relaxation and massage. Loosening up the muscles gives instant relief as tension slips away.

Some companies have busy seasons; others introduce new systems that may cause stress. Offering your employees something to reduce tension is always going to improve their performance.

Save money on compensation claims

On site massage can relieve the symptoms and sometimes prevent repetitive strain injuries to the spine, wrists and neck. Prevention is always better than cure especially with a compensation claim culture. There are plenty of no win, no fee lawyers happy to progress such cases.

But it’s not just the compensation claims that cost money. It’s also the lack of productivity and performance RSI causes.  People in pain can’t work to optimum capacity.

There is literally no comparison with the negligible cost of providing on site massage versus the huge cost to industry each year in compensation and lost productivity. Corporate massage therapy is never going to cost anywhere near £14 billion a year!

Keep an eye on our blog for more useful tips as to how corporate massage therapy can create a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Alternatively contact us to learn more about our services.