I wonder if any of you consider the stresses you may encounter in your day to day lives at work. It may be that customer who calls through. You know the one, where everything you (or anyone else for that matter) touch on their account goes wrong. The dreaded call back pops into your inbox and you sit back and think “Oh God, what’s gone wrong now!?” The email pings and it says “They will only speak to you”. This is a daily occurrence for most of us and as we sit psyching ourselves up for the battle of apologies, when being told you and your company are incompetent. Your stress levels start to increase and the shoulders tighten. Your whole body stiffens and before you know it, your insides feel knotted and you’ve entered fight mode.

This isn’t your customer’s fault. At the end of the day they are paying for a service and they’re not getting it. I’m exactly the same when I need to speak to call centres. Although I’m mindful it isn’t the fault of the person I’m speaking to, and I try my hardest to be polite, somehow along the way it turns out to be. You end up asking for a manager and the poor call centre agent ends up feeling inadequate, sometimes reduced to tears.

Rewards that are not target driven

In any workplace with these pressures it’s vital you reward your employees and you do this with them in mind. Not target driven but just as a treat, this is where desk massage can help.

I’m all for being rewarded for hitting targets, most people are. But just being shown that you’re valued and being given a little treat every now and again goes a long way. You know the type I mean – like free breakfast from the canteen or free vend on the coffee. A free cup of 20p coffee can have the whole office happy and chatting. Imagine what you could achieve by giving out a free 10 to 15 minutes of heaven once a month in the form of a desk massage!  You wouldn’t be able to comprehend the atmosphere you can create in a call centre environment with this little perk. You can see a dramatic difference in attitude, personality and a buzz round the office when the massage therapists arrive. The very best thing is when they come a few days before payday, when everyone is broke and the whole world feels like it has ended.

Desk massage improves job satisfaction

On desk massage day, the email pings and you just think “I’m going to call that customer immediately” as I know, no matter how stressful this call is going to be for both parties, it really doesn’t matter. Soon I’ll be whisked away to another relaxed and stress free world. It may only be for 10 minutes. But that’s 10 minutes my company have given me for just being here, working for them and them appreciating what I do on a day to day basis. That’s a feeling that makes me want to work for this company. They care about me not just profits, projections and figures. They’re giving me some of the time they pay me for so I can relax.

Massage therapy services

If your business is not offering desk massage, it’s well worth considering.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your employees with their job satisfaction.