Every marketing director on the planet dreams of thousands upon thousands of potential buyers visiting their stand at a trade show or other promotional event. Each year marketing professionals come up with new and innovative ideas to achieve this aim.  However, one idea that has stood the test of time is Events Massage.

Events Massage draws a crowd

If you’ve ever attended an exhibition or trade show where massage is taking place you will have noticed several things:

  1. People wandering around talk about it. They’ll ask if you’ve been to the stand and had a massage. In doing so, they mention the name of the exhibitor.
  2. It’s one of the busiest stands with people queuing up to get a complimentary massage. And they’ll be happy to wait for it, giving exhibitors the opportunity to chat to them.
  3. There is a buzzing atmosphere.
  4. It creates a highly positive impression of the exhibitor.

Massage therapy draws crowds and sets your stand apart from those of your competitors. You can guarantee it will be the most memorable experience they’ll have of the event.

If it’s free make sure it’s not cheap

The word free has lost its charisma over the years. Promotional products given away at events such as key rings are collected but they are cheap.  Why would anyone ever want to create a cheap impression of a brand? Something that is given away for free needs to be wanted or useful and have value. There are few people in the world who would turn down a massage.  It’s useful in reducing tension and stress and at the end of it the prospective customer feels completely relaxed.  The potential value of that is huge when your goal is to sell a product or service. They will certainly be more receptive!

When the customers leave your stand you can bet they’ll tell other visitors about their experience. There is nothing to equal personal recommendation when it comes to marketing. It works better than a loudspeaker as those who have benefited from a complimentary massage direct people to your stand.

In Touch UK Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists can also enhance brand awareness when wearing branded clothing or badges with your organisation’s logo and colours.  They can give away your samples or other promotional products whilst imparting your highly positive brand values.

Our Events Massage team members are fully trained and qualified.  They are friendly, welcoming professionals who will ensure that everyone remembers your values and brand in the most positive way imaginable.

If you would like to make your event more successful than any other, talk to us today about our massage therapy services. Whether you want us for a few days or a few hours, we are always happy to contribute to making your stand the most talked about in any exhibition, trade show or event.  We deliver magical experiences!