If you haven’t considered a Hen Party Massage read about our client’s experience to learn how it helped with her stress levels.

Getting married is probably one of the most stressful events you’ll ever experience. Over bearing in-laws, choice of dress and cake; endless appointments, is the hair right, what about the make up?  Not to forget where the DJ will be in the room and have I chosen the right seating plan? All these things and more conspire to raise your stress levels through the roof. It’s one of the most extravagant and stressful situations, second only to buying and moving into your first house.

Looking forward to the hen night

All women look forward to the hen night or bridal shower. I was lucky enough to have both. One was a seriously messy night out with a lot of drinking and my very best of girlfriends. This was two days before my wedding and to be honest when my mother in law suggested a sleep over girls’ night with my bridesmaids; it was the last thing my head wanted the following morning when I woke up. Maybe this is my fault and I wouldn’t advise having your hen night so close to your wedding if you want a clear head. But I have to say InTouch saved me from having the wedding day from hell.

I arrived at the in laws house and got into my comfy clothes, had a glass of prosecco and after a while started to feel marginally better. When I say marginally, I mean the woodpecker in my very fragile, vodka infused brain had gone to a tree slightly closer to my neck and was now hammering away at my nape. Everything seemed tense. I do appreciate that wasn’t just the hangover but the wedding nerves.

Surprise at the bridal shower

At this point I think everyone took pity on me and advised they had a pre wedding surprise. I was ushered into the dining room by myself, in my worst slobby clothes. And I was confronted by a massage table, mood lighting and the sound of waves crashing on the beach. As much as my mother in law had caused me a massive amount of stress over the previous few months, I loved this woman right at that moment. She’d organised for InTouch massage therapists to come to my bridal shower. They transformed the place where I often ate my Sunday lunch into a calm, relaxing salon. This was going to be the best hour of my life, never mind the wedding. Coupled with a small sense of unease, I got ready in my mother in law’s dining room and experienced the most wonderful Indian head, back and shoulder massage.

When you’re hungover you’ve nearly always got a banging head ache. This is because alcohol dehydrates you. Although you try all the home remedy and over the counter products, nothing but rest and plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic, obviously) will usually shift it.  The issue is you need more blood in the head to get rid of this stinging, mind numbing hammer hitting your temples. You’d be surprised to learn that a quick five minute head massage will release floods of blood into your head, easing the headache and at the same time relaxing the body and allowing the hangover to cease.

That’s the headache sorted – now what about the aching muscles? A shoulder massage is one of the best ways of relieving shoulder pain. It not only helps in pain relief, but also releases the muscles that may be tight or knotted from all that dancing and hen night dares that took place.

On my wedding day, I felt a million dollars!

Hen night massage or just a girls’ night in?

It doesn’t have to be a bridal shower or hen night massage. It could just be a treat for a girls’ night in. All of us and our besties have stressful jobs and what better way to have a good catch up and glass of wine with the girls to incorporate a massage into your night? InTouch will come to your home, you just lie back and they’ll take care of the rest. I promise you won’t regret it.

Laura Styles

Ashford, Kent