In this fast paced, high pressured world it is easy to get caught up in the belief that all the things were told we need are essential to our well-being. We are always looking outside ourselves to find that something, but it never quite hits the spot. For a millennia, Yoga has allowed us to connect to a part of ourselves that can easily be left behind in western society.

Yoga is…a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes a dynamic centre of direct perception no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capable of actually experiencing Truth“.

Yoga facts

  • The word Yoga derives from yuj, which means to bind.
  • A male who practises yoga is called a yogi whilst a female is referred to as a yogini.
  • Yoga is not just about ‘shapes’ and flexibility, it is all based around breath. The focus needed to carry out yoga comes from understanding how to use your breathing properly.

InTouch understand the power and importance of well-being which is why we have brought Liz Oakley into the fold.

Liz Oakley

Liz Joy Oakley is a yoga alliance certified teacher based in London specialising in Restorative, Hatha & Vinyasa styles of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is known to concentrate on a set of sequences and postures to align your entire body;muscles, bones and skin.

In contrast to Hatha, Vinyasa uses a number of movements that flow into one another, using breath as an anchor to move into each pose.

After completing a Yoga Intensive course at the Agama School in Rishikesh, India whilst travelling, Liz moved to Bali to work at the Safe Childhoods Foundation, a charity committed to combating child trafficking. Here she completed her 200 hour YTT at the Sananda Yoga School in 2014 before returning to London where she began teaching donation based classes from her North London home.

If all this info hasn’t stunned you into booking one of her classes, here are a few reasons why Yoga can and should be an integral part of your life.

Why Yoga

Two hundred and thirty-nine employee volunteers were put into a stress reduction program (which used yoga) to monitor the effects on a workforce. “Compared with the control group, those in the experimental group showed significantly greater improvements on perceived stress, sleep quality, and heart rate”.

Boosts Immunity

Both stress and tension can increase your chances of getting ill. Yoga combats both these issues through strengthening the bodies systems, including brain activity.

Fight Food Cravings

Many cravings rear their ugly heads when we are tired, stressed or pushed to our limit. Putting yoga into your routine can  help you undergo daunting situations as well as enhancing your self-control.

Happy + Healthy = Self Confidence

It seems like a simple formula, but whether it be at work or home we are more likely to succeed and embrace the tasks in front of us if we are happy and healthy. Yoga can help you on the journey to a more fulfilled life, a happier workforce and a more relaxed home.

Liz is passionate about helping people achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle and aims to cultivate joy through her work. She now works as a yoga teacher in London whilst also facilitating workshops.