If you have a demanding job taking time out to wind down and relax during the working day seems impossible. Yet when you are stressed and under pressure, you need to calm down and relax the most.  Office chair massage actively contributes to emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in a way that fits in environmentally and doesn’t disrupt your schedule.

What does office chair massage involve?

Typically, the massage therapist will work on your arms, hands, neck, back and sometimes your feet if required. The massage chair is specifically designed for you to get the best from the therapy.  You may have seen chair massage therapy being conducted in salons, doctor’s surgeries, at trade shows or conferences.

The benefit of office chair massage is that no one has to leave the workplace and no special arrangements have to be made. You get all the benefits emotionally, mentally and physically without having to leave the building.

Massage beats other office perks hands down (or technically hands on)!

How does massage benefit an employer?

Some people thrive, working under stress but most don’t.  Even those that do may only be aware of the negative effects when they start getting aches and pains.

Blood vessels become constricted because of stress hormones. This means that your muscles get the benefit of increased oxygen to strengthen them but your blood pressure will rise. Consequently your heart will work overtime especially if the stress you suffer is daily and chronic.

Tension in the muscles is the body’s method of defending itself against stress.  You may not even notice that your muscles are tense if it happens all the time, until the stress eases off a bit. Then you’ll feel the pain and sometimes it’s agony.  Massage is the best way of preventing this and alieving it.

People who work in open plan offices often feel more stressed than those who have their own independent space. Lots of noise with phones ringing and the buzz of conversation in the background distract you. Not only that, concentration on anything that is complicated is extremely difficult. If you are working to a deadline this adds to the anxiety.

Employees who have sedentary jobs, spending most of their time at a desk on their computers can develop RSI (repetitive strain injury). Back and neck pain is common but so too are wrist and hand problems.  RSI can lead to unwanted compensation claims if you are not following H & S rules to the letter.

Office chair massage in just 15 minutes can relieve the stress and make employees more productive and happy.

Booking a massage therapist

It’s never been easier to book a massage therapist. In Touch UK provides office chair massage in Kent and surrounding areas.  Contact us today to learn how we can help make your employees the happiest people in the county!