Most people associate massage with a relaxing atmosphere, perhaps a bit of soothing and somewhat odd music. Whale noises, the sound of the forest or maybe a bit of odd Buddhist chanting here and there. To many it’s all about a few candles, being pampered and relaxing for an hour.

I wasn’t sure office chair massage was appropriate in the workplace

Everyone loves a massage – that little bit of pampering you pay for and then feel guilty about having. Well, that was me until Mary came into my life, my job and yes to my desk. The desk in my workplace where I’d worked for 10 years with people screaming at me all day. As a Complaints Manager for one of the UK’s largest companies, I must say I was rather shocked to learn that we were to start having massages at our desks once a month. Nervous and apprehensive, I watched as Mary went from desk to desk, waiting for my turn. Mary arrived and introduced herself and asked if I’d had a massage before.  “Yes, but I’m unsure if this is the right environment” was my response. She confirmed a few details and I had to sign to say I was happy with what she was about to do.

Massage in the office doesn’t interfere with your work

Just then a call came through. Now no one else had been that unlucky, so I waved Mary on. She didn’t go anywhere, just cleaned her hands and started kneading away at my shoulders. It should have put me off and diverted my attention from my customer. However, it had completely the opposite effect. Instead of being unable to concentrate I found myself dealing with quite an upset customer in a profoundly attentive way. I wasn’t really thinking about the massage, just how relaxed and calm I felt. Yes, my customer was upset and irate with me. But instead of rolling my eyes (as I always did in this particular type of customer situation) and trying to control the call, as so many of us are taught to do, I found myself having a friendly conversation. What had started as a rant about our product and how unhappy and upset the customer was, ended with him telling me about his family and plans for Christmas.

Increased customer satisfaction and productivity

Once a month as I and my colleagues arrive at work, I can’t express adequately how joyful we feel to see Mary’s car in the car park. We know that the office chair massage we’ll experience will make that day the most relaxed.  It makes us feel stress free and afterwards calmer in handling customer complaints.

The company I work for is huge but office chair massage is affordable for most businesses. In a customer complaints environment or call centre it is essential that staff members are calm and professional.  Our Human Resources Department can see the benefit of increased customer satisfaction and productivity.  They got it right, will you?

Emma McKnight

Customer Complaints Manager

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